When the Amagansett Food Pantry was founded in August of 2008, the goal was to offer hope and help to our community through service. While we had an idea, we were rejected by several potential sites. However, Pastor Steve knew about our project and asked if his congregation might help. ”Would Scoville Hall be useful,” he asked? Our eyes lit up! Because of Scoville Hall and church, thousands have been fed and have seen the God’s love in action at the Amagansett Food Pantry now in its 6th year! – Dominick Stanzione, co-founder of the Amagansett Food Pantry.
— Dominick Stanzione - Co-founder of the Amagansett Food Pantry
Our congregation was made to feel ‘at home’ in Scoville Hall. It was the best place to worship we ever had. We received Godly treatment from Pastor Steve and the congregation of the Presbyterian Church. We are looking forward to our return to Scoville Hall!”
— The Rev. Hector Ocasio - Pastor of the Hispanic Congregation of the Church of the Nazarene
Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life and Scoville Hall made it possible for me to recover through A.A. Meetings that were held in the Hall every day of the week and I attended regularly We in recovery were always made to feel welcome and safe in Scoville Hall. We look forward to its return!
— (A recovering alcoholic with over 12 years of sobriety.)