Our Mission

Scoville Hall Community Center is owned and operated by the First Presbyterian Church of Amagansett. The church's mission statement states, in part:

"The First Presbyterian Church of Amagansett seeks to be a warm, welcoming and inclusive , , , community of faith. We dedicate ourselves to . . . offering hospitality to groups and ministries serving the needs of Amagansett and the surrounding community."

The Need

Public gathering space is crucial for the health of the Amagansett community. Such space graciously offered to the community is virtually nonexistent in our hamlet. In light of the cost of procuring land in our community, it is unlikely that another such space will be purchased and developed in the future. Scoville Hall Community Center will fill the need for many years to come.

Were it not for the community's need for a community center, the First Presbyterian Church would simply sell the lot and invest the proceeds together with the insurance settlement from the fire.  The result would be an endowment that would guarantee the funding of the church for generations to come. The church, however, would rather struggle financially itself if it means building and maintaining a center needed by the community the church has always sought to serve.

Scoville Hall Community Center will offer welcoming meeting space to groups and service organizations serving Amagansett and the surrounding communities. Among those "hosted" in Scoville Hall (or the Amagansett Presbyterian Church's sanctuary following the loss of Scoville Hall) have been:

  • Amagansett Food Pantry
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous
  • Debtors Anonymous
  • Church of the Nazarene (a congregation serving the Hispanic community)
  • Star of the East Lodge (Masons)
  • Nunnakoma Chapter of Royal Arch Masons
  • Amagansett Free Library
  • Hamptons Shakespeare Festival Amagansett Elementary School
  • Country School of East Hampton
  • Amagansett East Association
  • East Hampton Town Democrat Committee East Hampton Town Republican Committee
  • East Hampton Town Independent Committee Amagansett Dunes Apartments Corp.
  • Amagansett East Civic Association
  • Weight Watchers


Individuals hosting small events (e.g., baby or wedding showers) will find lovely space for their gatherings. Local farmers will be welcome to use the kitchen for small-scale production of items to be sold at local farm stands and farmers' markets.


Scoville Hall

First Presbyterian Church

17 Meeting House Lane

Amagansett, NY 11930





Scoville Hall is now open for the community.  For more information on how to book the hall or kitchen please contact our management team at 631.527.5771 or APCScovillehall@optimum.net .  We look forward to speaking with you soon!