Scoville Hall, community meeting house, destroyed by Fire.

October 15, 2011

Scoville Hall, our Parish House and community meeting center for more than 90 years was destroyed by fire. We would like to thank the entire community, both here in Amagansett and around the world for the words of support over the last few days. The many prayers have been amazing. The Session will meet with insurance adjustors soon. Pastor Steve Howarth is working with the many community groups who use the space to get them relocated into our Sanctuary or another location. The Buildings Committee and the Session under the guidance of Pastor Steve will work with the community to restore the meeting spaces and make them even better than before!

The Food Pantry, AA (is there every day!), Church of the Nazarene (they lost all their expensive electronics and many documents), The Star of the East Masonic Lodge (who lost the first Bible issued to the lodge, membership records, and their antique furniture and paintings), Women's Guild, two Sunday Schools, Weight Watchers, the Amagansett School uses it as an evacuation center, and more.

Many thanks to Amagansett FD and the surroundings districts for their hard work so early in the morning and through the day.

We are collecting donations to help when rebuilding comes. Even a dollar will help!! Only $5 will help sponsor a shingle. For those of you out of town, use our paypal address: Its a great tax write off as well!

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Posted on October 15, 2011 .