The Fire and the Aftermath

Fire devastated the original Scoville Hall on October 15, 2011. The Hall had served the First Presby- terian Church and the wider Amagansett Community since it was built in 1925. The structure and its contents were completely destroyed. Sadly, the church's insurance carrier engaged the church in a lengthy process towards reaching a settlement on the loss - a process that was drawn out over 2½ years! The church and its pastor never gave up hope of raising a new Scoville Hall on the site of the original. Church representatives and the church's architect met with the groups that had been using the hall and others from our community, gleaning ideas of how to design a new facility that will serve the needs of all. Ben Krupinski Builder has been contracted with to build the new Hall. All that is left is the raising of donations sufficient to cover the significant "gap" between the insufficient insurance settlement and the anticipated cost of the new facility.